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One morning in the leaf village Shizune was heading towards the Hokage Residence, on her way there she thought of how boring her life is, everyday she helps Lady Tsunade. Shizune thought that it is time for things to change.

Shizune entered the Hokage Residence and went into the Hokage office where she found Lady Tsunade sitting on her chair. Lady Tsunade said, "You're late Shizune." Shizune frowned and said, "I apologize." Lady Tsunade noticed that there is something wrong with Shizune so she asked, "What is wrong?" Shizune just kept silent. "I can tell you are upset...alright how about this, to make you feel better I will do whatever you want." said Lady Tsunade. "Whatever I want?" asked Shizune. "Yes you have my word." Replied Lady Tsunade.

Shizune was happy, she never thought the chance would present itself to her like this. Shizune sat on Lady Tsunade's desk and put her left foot on Lady Tsunade's lap. "What are you doing Shizune?" asked Lady Tsunade. "You will be my foot slave for the rest of your days." replied Shizune. "Oh...You thought all this through...You are smart I'll give you that." Said Tsunade while closing her eyes. The next thing that Tsunade felt was a slap right to her face. "Shut up! You only speak when spoken to slave!" Said Shizune furiously. "As you wish Shizune." Said Lady Tsunade with tears in her eyes. "You call me Goddess Shizune from now on! You understand slave?" Said Shizune. "Yes Goddess." Replied Lady Tsunade quickly. "Good girl." Said Shizune with a wide smile on her face.

Shizune still had her heels on, and with her left foot on Tsunade's lap she pulled her right foot up to Tsunade's face and said, "Open your mouth bitch." Tsunade did as told, and Shizune stuck the heal of her strap on in Tsunade's mouth and said, "Suck it."
Tsunade started to suck the heel of her new Goddess' shoes she never felt more humiliated in her life. Shizune pulled her heel out of her mouth and said, "Now lick the bottoms of my shoes clean!" Tsunade looked disgusted but she stuck her tongue out and started to lick the bottoms. She kept licking until they were completely clean.

"Take my heels off now." Said Shizune, and Tsunade unstrapped Shizune's heels and next thing she new was Shizune's bare foot on her nose so she started to smell it. "Good girl you're smelling it without me even telling you to." Said Shizune with a smile on her face "Now keep on smelling that foot while massaging the other." Said Shizune. Tsunade did as told she was smelling Shizune's foot and massaging the other for 5 minutes. "Alright you can start kissing my feet now." Tsunade started to kiss the top of Shizune's left foot when she was pushed off her chair by Shizune who said, "Slaves don't deserve to sit on chairs lay down on the floor at my feet." Shizune sat on the chair and Tsunade laid down under Shizune's feet. Shizune put her left foot on Tsunade's face and the other on her throat. Tsunde continued to kiss Shizune's foot. Shizune would apply pressure on Tsunade's throat every now and then. This kept going for 10 minutes before Shizune pulled her foot from Tsunade's face and stepped on Tsunade's body and started to trample her.

"You know you should be grateful to be under my perfect feet." Said Shizune. "Thank you for trampling me Goddess Shizune." Said Tsunade. Shizune smiled and said "Open your mouth I'mgoing to give you a present." so Tsunade opened her mouth and Shizune looked down on Tsunade and spit in her mouth. "Now swallow my spit slave" Said Shizune. Tsunade swallowed and said, "Thank you Goddess." Shizune kept on trampling her slave and then she put her right foot on Tsunade's mouth and said, "Open up!" Tsunade opened her mouth, so Shizune shuved her toes in her mouth and started to gag Tsunade with them. After a few minutes of toe gagging she pulled her toes out of Tsunade's mouth and said, "Now stick your tongue out it's time to clean my soles." Tsunade stuck her tongue out and Shizune drove her soles on Tsunde's tongue. After a few minutes, Shizune's soles were clean so she sat back down on the chair and said, "I'm done with you....but you are not allowed to leave, I am the new Hokage now and will stay there under my feet all day long and you will worship my feet whenever I want you to." Tsunade looked at Shizune and said, "Yes Goddess I shall be your faithful slave till death."

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